Culebra is an enchanting Spanish Virgin Island located approximately 17 miles east of mainland Puerto Rico and 12 miles west of St. Thomas. The island is around 15 square miles in size and home to approximately 2,000 local residents. Culebra boasts an intricate shoreline with cliffs, sandy coral shores and mangroves; with numerous cays surrounding it, and the Luis Peña Channel Natural Reserve. The island of Culebra is semi-arid with no fresh water streams and therefore, no surface run off. Because of this, the ocean visibility is among the clearest in the world, making for some of the best snorkeling and SCUBA diving. Culebra has many beautiful beaches, many of which are protected and therefore nearly waveless. Flamenco Beach, the most popular, is also rated one of the world’s best. Paradise is found!

We offer guided snorkel, certified, and non-certified excursions. All our tours are guided by our Instructors who look forward to finding great stuff to show you. We have many sites that are perfect for snorkelers and non-certified divers as well as over 50 dive sites to choose from, most less than 30 minutes from the dock. We choose the dive sites each morning according to the divers’ level of training as well as weather and sea conditions. Our groups are always small (6 passengers max per boat) which means you always get personalized care and attention from the crew.